Disability Claim Lawyer – The Costs

A lot of people have this notion in mind that hiring an attorney corresponds to paying high professional fee. However, if you are facing difficult situation, you would want to work with an attorney to ensure that your rights are being protected and that you will receive fair and just compensation. If you need help, then it is worth considering hiring a disability claim lawyer.

When it comes to payment, you really need not to worry because most attorneys today work on a “contingency fee basis.” They will only collect payment from you if they are successful in helping you with your claim. The attorney will work on your case and will not stop disabled victimuntil you receive the right compensation regardless if you are applying for supplemental security income. You and the attorney can agree on a certain fee regardless of the duration of the case. However, the total amount shouldn’t exceed 25% of the total backpay. No lawyer should charge more than 25% according to the social security law.

Understanding what fee agreement is

For the attorney to collect payment, he should submit a written fee agreement to the administration before it will come up with a final claim decision. What most attorneys do is once they take your case, they will automatically submit a fee agreement.

So, what will be the requirements?

    • The amount shouldn’t be more than the maximum amount allowed by the social security. It should be less than 25% of the total backpay.
  • The fee agreement should be agreed and signed by the disability claim solicitor and the social security claimant. If the claimant is below 18 years old, then it should be signed by the parents or the guardian. The same thing goes if the claimant is very old; it should be signed by the guardian.


What are included in the legal cost?

  • The professional fee of the attorney (chargers for the time spent in the case)
  • Other related expenses while working on your case

Aside from the professional fee, there are other expenses that an attorney should shoulder in your behalf such as paying for the copying fee, postage fee, getting records needed for the case that sometimes require payment like hospital record, school record, doctor’s record, record coming from the mental health facility, and the likes. You also have to keep in mind that there are attorneys out there who will collect upfront fee, not for their professional fee, but to shoulder for other expenses associated in handling your case. If you agreed to release initial payment, then it will be deposited in the trust account. Every time the lawyer withdraws money, he/she will tell you right away. Once the case is solved, whatever money is left in the trust account will be given back to you.

On the other side, a lot of disability lawyers today do not collect advance payment. What they usually do is they will ask you to reimburse the total cost of expenses at the end of the case. Everything will be clearly stipulated in the fee agreement. If you are in doubt or you want to clear the details of the fee agreement, then do not hesitate to talk to your solicitor.

Why should you consider hiring a solicitor?

Of course, you always have the option not to hire an attorney, but don’t you know that you will have an increased chance of getting approved if you have an attorney working on your case. Those people who prefer to be represented by a solicitor are more likely to be approved as compared to those who don’t. The attorney perfectly understands the ins and outs of the law concerning disability claim. The disability claim attorney will guide you through the process from the initial application, presenting the case in front of the jury, and beyond.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Toronto – Common Questions They Receive

If you suffered an impairment because of a terrible accident that’s caused by a negligent individual or entity, then you need to consult a personal injury lawyer in Toronto (click this link and this one for helpful info) right away. An attorney can determine if your case has a chance to make a claim. It is highly recommended that you consult your case first with an attorney. There are certain factors that need to be considered to know if your case is a viable one.

It is understandable that things could be confusing at first on the steps that you need to take. But if you have a lawyer with you, you will be guided on what you should do and take off the burden from you in handling the different issues that may arise during the phase of

lawyers faqs

In today’s world, legal experts can now get in touch with prospective clients and answer their questions and concerns via the internet

making a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

To enlighten your mind, here is a list of the most frequently asked question of an accident victim and answers are also included that can serve as your guide to know whether you need to hire an attorney or not. But remember, the information below is not a legal advice. Use this to gain additional knowledge.

1. Is it really a need for me to hire a legal professional?

It is possible for you to make a claim if you were injured because of an accident that was caused by a negligent person. It is a fact that most of the individual who processed their own compensation claims receives a much lesser amount and not getting the full benefits that they should have received.

You need to know that insurance companies will do their best to also defend themselves when you make a claim. As soon as they will know about your accident, they will also make preparations before you even make the claim.

When the at-fault party’s insurance company will call you and will request to get the information that they need from you, call an attorney right away. Never give out any details yet not until you have already talked to your legal representative. Insurance companies will do everything to minimize the monetary exposure and will also do their best to lessen or defeat your claim. You will end up receiving a little amount especially if you give them a chance to get the info that they want.

An insurance company will also offer settlement, but before you even sign the document, have it reviewed by an attorney first. This way, you will know if the compensation claim and benefits you’ll receive is just and right.

It is recommended to hire an attorney even if you have the option to handle the settlements on your own. You should focus on healing and recovering and a legal representative can take away the stressful process and complications for you and they can also make sure that the right compensation claim and benefits are obtained.

2. What is the mode of payment and how much do I need to spend in hiring an attorney?

The initial consultation is free and when you decide to hire their services, you do not need to pay right away because it will be based on their contingency payment scheme. This means that you and the attorney will have to wait until the compensation claim has already been released.

With regards to the amount of fees involved, usually, a percentage will be taken from your settlement.

3. What are the different types of compensation that I can get in a lawsuit?

It’s a case to case basis which is why there is no 100% guarantee that you will be a given compensatory damages during the litigation. Below is a list of general considerations that you can keep in mind:

–    Lost income or your ability to earn a salary.

–    Rehabilitation and medical expenditures.

–    Physical pain incurred from the accident.

–    Pain and suffering.

–    Costs of care for the long term.

–    Damage on the property.

–    Mental and physical distress.

–    Scar or Disfigurement.

–    Mental capacity is lost.

–    Death of a loved one.

4. Can I make out of court settlements?

Based on statistics, most settlements are done before the trail and only a few proceed to trial. You can make your settlement any time even before the suit is being filed, before the trial has even started or after the suit has been filed. Just keep in mind that settlements can happen before, during or after the trial.

5. How long will it take before my case has been settled?

There is no shortcut when it comes to making a compensation. This will greatly depend on your situation, who you are suing and how complicated your case is. There are cases that are very complex and your counselor will take time to dig deep and investigate to ensure that you win the case. However, experienced attorneys can tell you an estimated time or schedule as to when your case can be settled.

6. Is it okay if I did not speak to a lawyer right away?

No, and it’s definitely not okay if you haven’t spoken to an attorney about your rights after being injured. You need to be aware that there are specific time limits known as the statute of limitations as to when you should be filing the lawsuit, and you cannot delay or request to have the time extended. If in case you haven’t filed your case on time within the specific period, then you are not allowed to make a lawsuit anymore and it will be the end of your case. However, not all statutes of limitations are the same since they differ from the type of lawsuit that the person has.

personal injury

7. Are there things that I should do while I am trying to recover from my injury?

Yes there are some things you can do to help your counselor establish your case and below is a list that you can take note:

–    Take a picture of your injury regularly.

–    Record the schedule of your impairment when it has kept you away from your work. Make a list of the activities that you cannot do anymore after you got involved in the accident.

–    Make sure to record all the medical treatments you received for your injury. Keep all your doctor’s notes, the pain you have experienced from the accident, all the medical prescriptions of your doctor and notes of your rehabilitation or physical therapy sessions.

–    If you have incurred expenses for your physical damage, make sure to keep all the receipts and other documents such as the money you’ve spent to hire assistants to take care of all your household chores, hiring of additional people to help you with your business because of your incapacity to do it on your own, hiring of nursing care experts and a few more others.

–    Arrange and organize all the receipts and documents according to their dates and types of expenditures or papers.

–    Let your attorney know that you have done these things to help build your claim

8. Am I assured to get a huge amount of money for my case?

Each case is unique and not all will receive the same amount of money. There are factors that will be considered and you may be entitled to compensation such as loss of ability to earn an income, pain and suffering, disfigurement, expenses incurred for your medical and rehabilitation programs and disability. You should have your case evaluated by an attorney. (Get in touch with us for more info on this)

9. Do I really need to go to court once I hire an attorney for my case?

Most of the cases are settled out of court and most probably, you won’t be obliged to attend the trial. The settlements can be done through mediation.

10. What is the meaning of mediation?

toronto personal injury lawyerIt is a settlement conference wherein all of the people involved including their lawyers will meet to make negotiations and settle the case in a conference room. What happens in the room is that your legal representative will do a quick presentation of your case with the mediator who is a judge or a retired lawyer along with the other party’s litigator and representative who is the adjuster of the insurance company. The other side will also do a quick presentation. It is compulsory for you to attend mediation, but you will not be obliged to settle or even say a word.

11. How am I going to prove the negligence of the other party?

If it’s a criminal case, the prosecution will need to prove the individual’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt. A lawsuit on personal injury that is based on tort law, the complainant should prove that most of the presented evidences are showing that the damage was indeed caused by the negligent actions of the defendant.

There are still other important discussions that you need to know about the different legal processes involved in a case and if you want your case to win. There are no shortcuts and you may experience complex issues along the way. Consulting a personal injury lawyer in Toronto is your best option

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Wrongful Death Lawyer – Coping With Your Loss

A loss can be very painful, especially if the loss of a loved one could have been avoided if utmost care is observed. If a passing of a loved one is because of someone else’s fault or wrongdoing, then you can file a lawsuit with the help of a wrongful death lawyer. To give you further insights about lawsuit, keep on reading below.

To file a lawsuit, you should prove to the court that the passing of a person is because of someone’s misconduct and negligence. The beneficiary or dependents of the victim should receive monetary damages. There are various factors considered by court in determining the extent of compensation one may receive and these are the following:

  • How much money the deceased is earning
  • Savings of the victim
  • Loss of companionship
  • How financially dependent the survivors were on the victimwrongful death case
  • Medical-related cost
  • Funeral cost
  • Suffering and mental anguish
  • Punitive damages (if applicable)

Money isn’t enough to bring back the life of the victim, but it can somehow help the immediate family to compensate for the loss of a loved one. Through the compensation, the family can be somehow financially secure. The welfare and future of the family will be protected even if the victim is no longer alive.

You have to keep in mind that the law regarding wrongful death is quite complicated and it varies from one place to another. Initially, you might not consider filing a lawsuit, especially if you are still in the grieving period. However, you have to be aware of your rights and that you should exercise your rights in any way. So, you will need a highly competent lawyer to help you with your case and to somewhat speed up the grieving process. If you are suspecting a wrongful death, you should contact the lawyer right away because there is a time period for filing a lawsuit. If you fail to do so, then you are literally losing your chance to fight for your right to financial compensation. To guide you through the process, you will need the service of the best lawyer in the industry.

What are the bases of the court when determining the future earning of the deceased?

To find out the potential future earning of the victim, a life expectancy table is used. So, how to calculate for potential earning? Well, the earning of the victim at the time of passing will be multiplied by the remaining years of earning (expected) up until the victim’s retirement. On top of that, the retirement benefits will also be calculated as per the life expectancy table. After which, the total figures will be reduced to the amount of money conservatively invested by the deceased.

How will you be able to determine it?

As mentioned above, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed if the passing of a person is because of someone’s inaction or negligence. Some of the common cases are the following:

  • Vehicular accident – The driver is at fault for the passing of the victim such as the driver operating the vehicle without corrective lenses, driving while doing other things at the same time such as texting, driving while intoxicated, and the likes.
  • Medical malpractice or medical negligence – this is also one of the common causes. For example, an employee in the emergency room (ER) lets you wait for a long period of time without being seen by a surgeon. The case can also be filed if the surgeon performs the wrong procedure, which caused the passing of the patient. A lawsuit can also be filed if the doctor failed to diagnose the disease condition of the patient or the physician failed to deliver the best possible care as per the professional requirements in the field of medicine.
  • Nursing home related abuse- if the family of the elderly proves to the court that the employee of the nursing home neglect the elderly, which caused the passing of the victim.

How to prove if there really is medical negligence?

With the help of a  solicitor, the case will be further investigated in order to determine the circumstances surrounding the passing of a loved one. The lawyer will coordinate with the medical practitioners to really establish whether there is really a medical negligence that resulted to the passing of the victim. So, the doctors will be interviewed, the medical record will be checked, and find people who can be used as potential witnesses.

Do not worry if you don’t have money to pay for initial consultation because most lawyers today offer free initial case evaluation. That way, you will have fair chance of seeking justice to the passing of your beloved.wrongful death lawyer

What elements should be presented in a case?

There are key elements that should be presented when filing a  lawsuit and these are the following:

  • There really is a strong evidence that the passing is because of someone’s wrongdoing or negligence
  • You should present proof proving that the passing is because of the defendant’s action
  • You need to present to the court that the passing of the victim has affected every aspect of your life (a passing of a parent/s and the direct effect to the children)
  • Financial hardships that can be experienced by the survivors because of the passing of a loved one

The law surrounding lawsuits varies. Some places have very strict rules while others don’t. The eligibility and statute of limitations differ a lot. Hence, it is a must to contact a solicitor so that you will get all the necessary help. Dealing with the lawsuit on your own is more like going to a battle unprepared. To give you an edge, you should contact the best wrongful death lawyer in your place.



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The Role Of Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A medical malpractice lawyer is the best person to help you whenever you are suspecting such a case. What are the grounds for suchcases? Well, this type of case arise if a patient is harmed by a doctor, nurse, or the like; meaning the staff failed to provide the patient proper health care treatments.

What you should keep in mind?

You cannot file a lawsuit just because you are unhappy with the kind of treatments you receive from the staff. For the lawsuit to push through, you should prove that there is really a negligent or malpractice, which caused you to sustaining injuries.

Common Scenarios

Childbirth injuries

  1. Seizure disorder
  2. Cerebral palsy
  3. Bone fracture
  4. Erb’s and Klumpke’s palsy, which is characterized by nerve damage that affects the movement of the hands and arms

healthcare medical malpracticeThere are various reasons for childbirth injuries such as:

  • Poor prenatal care- If during the course of pregnancy, there is an obvious medical negligence such as wrong treatment that compromised the health of the mother, the fetus, or both. In this case, the doctor failed to diagnose the actual condition of the mother such as anemia, hypoglycemia, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, RH incompatibility, and the likes.
  • Inability to identify birth defects.
  • If the pregnancy is ectopic in nature, but the doctor didn’t recognized that.
  • The doctor was not able to diagnose the health condition of the mother that can be contagious to the fetus such as neonatal lupus, genital herpes, and the likes.
  • The doctor fails to perform his best during childbirth, which leads to injuries; both mother and baby can be compromised.
  • The doctor was not able to detect the signs of fetal distress
  • Not performing cesarean section when deemed necessary.
  • Insufficient knowledge when it comes to using vacuum extractor or forceps during forceps delivery. Misdiagnosis


Most of the complaints are because of misdiagnosis or delayed in diagnosing the real condition of the patient. So, what will happen if there is a misdiagnosis or even a delay in diagnosing a serious health condition? Well, there is a possibility that the patient will miss the chance of treating himself in the early part of the disease. Keep in mind that if the disease is a serious one (life threatening) and it wasn’t diagnose earlier, then it would lead to life-long problems or even the possibility of death. You have to prove that there is really a delayed in diagnosing your health condition or even a misdiagnosis. The basis for this would be what the doctor did and didn’t do. The treating doctor can be held liable provided proofs and evidences are presented.

  • Giving wrong medication to the patient

The effect of giving wrong medication to the patient varies. It can be mild, but most of the time fatal. If the doctor prescribes wrong medication, then there is really a high possibility that the patient will be harmed. There are also instances when the nurse gives the right medication, but to the wrong patient. This usually happens in a tertiary hospital wherein the nurse needs to attend to many patients at the same time. Whatever the circumstances are; the staff who gave the wrong medication will be held liable. Examples of situations leading to giving wrong medication to the patient are:

  1. The dosage of the medication is incorrect.
  2. The doctor prescribes the correct drug and dosage, but the patient was given incorrect amount by the administering nurse.
  3. The equipment used in administering the medication malfunctions, which leads to giving large dose of medication in a single shot.
  • Anesthesia-related mistakes- you have to keep in mind that the effect of anesthesia is very fatal for the patient and a simple error can jeopardize not only the health, but as well as the life of the patient. It is more dangerous than mistakes committed during surgical procedure. A case can be filed against the anesthesiologist even if the anesthesia is not yet given. Situations leading to anesthesia error are the following:
  • Not performing a thorough investigation about the history of the patient.
  • Not informing the patient about the possible health risk of giving anesthesia.

    Giving large dose of anesthesia to the patient.

    Not thoroughly monitoring the vital signs of the patient.
    The equipment used is not in perfect condition/ defective anesthetic equipment.
    Improper intubation of patients.Surgical related errors – these pertains to errors in the operating room (OR). The surgeon is incompetent while performing surgical operation. Usually, the surgeon has punctured the vital organs of the patient, but the common one is leaving surgical instrument inside the body of the patient. A perfect example of this is accidentally leaving a sponge, scissors, or forceps. The doctor will not only be the one to blame in this situation, but as well as the scrub nurse and the circulating nurse. Before and after the surgical procedure, all equipment and apparatus should be counted to make sure that not even a single instrument is left inside the patient’s body.

Getting Help

There are complex rules concerning medical malpractice, but the rules vary from one place to another. To guide you better and to efficiently help you with your case, you should consult a lawyer that exclusively handles lawsuits.


Lawsuits cover a huge array of damages such as compensation for expenses, loss of income and future income opportunities, inability to live life to the fullest, and the likes. The injured patient has the right to file a lawsuit. In case of death, the immediate family is allowed by the court to file a lawsuit.

  • General damages- it pertains to the cost of suffering experienced by the patient and it encompasses the following:
    • Pain and suffering (physical and psychological)

      medical malpractice lawyer

      Thousands of medical malpractice victims are able to attain a sense of justice through the help of medical malpractice lawyers

    • Inability to enjoy life to the fullest
    • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Special damages-This pertains to expenses that can be easily quantified such as:
    • Bills (a certified copy of bill should be presented)
    • Inability to go to work because of the injuries sustained
  • Punitive damages- The rules concerning punitive damage vary from one place to another. As the name suggest, there is really an intention to behave in a harmful way. So, if you really want to punish the staff, then you should aim for punitive damage and the best medical malpractice lawyers can be your best friend during this unfortunate times.
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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: The Help You Can Get From Them

There are many different entities you can find in the busy streets, especially in big cities such as motorcyclist, trucks, cars, pedestrians, and the likes. To maintain road safety, it is important for everyone to be responsible. However, in reality not everyone is disciplined enough, which led to the accident. If you get involved in such accident, then you should immediately contact a pedestrian accident lawyer for you to know your rights and safeguard your best interest. One of the common cases is a collision that involves a car and the person. The injuries sustained are usually severe, especially if a negligent driver hits an innocent person.

Primary Causes

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Running red light, which led to hitting people in the crosswalkpedestrian
  • Drivers turn right through the crosswalk without looking at the people
  • Illegal parking leading to accidents involving people
  • Driving and doing other things at the same time such as texting while driving

What are the common injuries sustained by people?

A collision between a vehicle and a person would always lead to injuries. Most of the time, the person is the one that gets severely injured and below are the common injuries:

  • Minor bruises and contusions
  • Injuries affecting the spines, head, and brain
  • Fracture and broken bones
  • Amputations
  • And the likes

The above mentioned injuries will surely cause you pain and suffering. They will change your life in many ways. Aside from that, you and your family will have to face staggering medical expenses. To get help with the devastating impact of the accident, you should consult a lawyer specializing in accidents and have him help you in filing a personal injury claim or even personal injury lawsuit if the person at fault didn’t agree to resolve the case outside the court.

Establishing Liability

It is quite difficult to find out who’s to blame in an accident. Not all pedestrians are always the victim and not all drivers are always the one to blame. However, if the person is at the crosswalk or crossing the street on a walk signal, then it would be easier to establish who really is to blame. To help you establish liability, the best thing to do is to consult your lawyer. A lawyer will guide you through the process and will help you determine the best possible solution to your problem.

If your lawyer helps you establish the fact that you sustained injuries because the driver is not paying attention to the road or over speeding, then you have all the rights to file a lawsuit. What if you are somewhat at fault for the injuries sustained by you? Can you still be entitled to file a claim? Well, yes, but it would be a claim for contributory negligence. What is the implication for this? Since, you are somewhat at fault, the court will determine the percentage of your responsibility for the accident and it will be subtracted from the total settlement amount.

It is difficult to establish negligence on your own. So, you will need a pedestrian accident solicitor to conduct further investigation so that the person at fault will be determined. Aside from that, the attorney will also make sure you will receive fair and just compensation. You should be compensated for the following damages:

  1. Medical related expenses
  2. Emotional distress and psychological impact of the accident
  3. Pain and suffering
  4. Inability to live life normally and enjoy it to the fullest
  5. Inability to go to work, which leads to loss of income and loss of potential income opportunity
  6. Disfigurement
  7. Punitive damages if possible
  8. Wrongful death if applicable

So, keep in mind that if you sustained injuries while hitting the road, then you have all the rights to be compensated even if you are somewhat to be blamed. Know your rights and how to exercise it by consulting a pedestrian accident lawyer.

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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer – Know Your Legal Rights

There are accidents resulting to severe injuries such as the ones that involve the spinal cord. Such injuries are a no joke. The effects of such injury can be very devastating not only to the victim, but as well as to the immediate family. The injuries can be very painful not only to the physical aspect, but as well as financially. You will have to deal with expensive medical cost, which is long-term or worse a lifetime. If you get involved in an accident leading to spine injuries, then you should see a spinal cord injury lawyer.

Whenever there is an accident, there should always be someone to blame. That someone can be partially or completely held liable for the accident and that you can file a lawsuit in order for you to get rightful and just compensation (see: ODF ALLIANCE). If you want to know more about spine injuries and the legal aspects surrounding the case, then keep on reading below.


human spinal cordSpinal cord injury pertains to the damage that involves the spinal cord. Most of the time, such an injury leads to partial or complete loss of sensory and motor control. The injury also leads to paralysis, which can be paraplegic or quadriplegic in nature. Once the spine is impaired, other parts and functioning of the body will be greatly affected. So, what are the common reasons behind sustaining such injuries?

  1. Vehicular accident that leads to excessive blow to the spine
  2. Fall
  3. Gunshot wound/stab wound directly affecting the spine
  4. Outdoor extreme sports activities
  5. Medical negligence or medical malpractice affecting the neck and back

What are the bases of filing a lawsuit?

Injuries to the spine are commonly associated with negligence, but for you to file a lawsuit you have to prove that the other party is really the one at fault. For example, you become injured right after using a defective product. You can sue the company who manufacture the product, but you have to really prove that it is the product causing you that injury.

What are the common defenses used by people in spine injuries cases?

Contributory negligence

This is one of the common defenses used by people who are charged with personal injury lawsuit. So, what does it mean? The defendant will prove that he is not the one to blame. He will prove to the court that the injuries you sustained are because of your own fault. It is your own negligence and carelessness that contributed to the injury.

Comparative negligence

The injured person and the defendant’s action will be weighed carefully to determine who is really at fault of the accident.

Risk assumption

This is applicable to spinal cord injuries sustained after performing dangerous activities such as skiing and bungee jumping. The defendant will use this defense letting everybody know that it is your own decision to take part in the activity even if you know in the first place that it could potentially harm you.


As you can see, compensation refers to the monetary award and the primary reason why it is being sought by the victim is to

spinal cord injury lawyer

You must take the appropriate legal action with the help of the right legal professional when it comes to cases involving spine injuries

compensate for the losses and damages caused by the accident. Through compensation to the damages, you will be able to restore your health and life in a pre-accident state; although most of the time your health will not be fully restored, but the money can help you a lot. So, what are typically included in the compensation?

  • Compensation for medical-related expenses( hospital bill, prescription medication, use of state of the art health equipment, and the likes)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehabilitation
  • Inability to go to work, which leads to loss of income and loss of income opportunity

Nobody would want to deal with injury considering the impact it brings to one’s life. However, there are things that go beyond our control. If you or somebody dear to you has sustained  injury because of someone else’s fault, then you are entitled for a claim. To determine whether you are eligible for a claim, the first thing you should do is to hire a spinal cord injury lawyer.



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